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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Very Sandy Day!

Today we rented a car and drove to two great beaches. The first one was called Sandy Beach, possibly the best and weirdest name for a beach ever. The thing about this beach was that most of the waves were 15 feet high. You are only supposed to go in the water if you are a very good surfer or body surfer. As soon as we walked onto the beach a lifegaurd stopped us and asked if we were planning to swim. We said no, we just wanted to take some pictures.  As we were driving away, we saw a rescue helicopter carry someone in on a stretcher. There were some pretty crazy big waves out there. After about an hour we drove to Kailua Beach Park. There were lots of waves there too, not as big as Sandy Beach, but bigger than I'd ever seen. It was fun to wait just before the wave crashed over and then hang on to a boogie board and it would carry you super fast all the way to the shore. It was so fun! Me and Ellie had a really great time standing out in the ocean and letting the waves roll through us. Sasha was a bit scared because at the beginning a big wave crashed over her and knocked her under. I got knocked under too and it was pretty scary. It was a really fun day but I got a really bad sunburn on my arms, back, and neck and it hurts a lot. But I did have a really fun time. I'll post again soon!

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