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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Polynesian Cultural Center

Yesterday, we got on a big bus to the Polynesian Cultural Center which is a big place which is run mostly by students going to the connected university. There are shows and activities for separate countries which are Tonga, Fiji, Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, and Aotearoa (New Zealand). The students that work at the different villages for each country are mostly from that place. They do a lot of dancing and music from that country, as well as activities. We learned how to weave fish, throw spears, make fire and other stuff. My favourite place was the Samoan show. They showed us how to crack open the coconut, take the meat out, and make the milk. A few people climbed up a coconut tree. It was so cool. They told us that in Samoa, the men do all of the gathering and cooking of food, and house work. The main guy running the show was really, really funny. Really funny. I also liked the Fiji show. They did a war dance and showed us how to play a Fijian instrument. It was fun!

The last show we saw was called Ha Breath of life. It is about a boy, Mana, who is born in an unknown place and his parents have to flee the island because a volcano is erupting. Mana has Ha, the breath of life inside him. The family travels to all the islands featured in the PCC.  We watch him learn to fight, dance, fall in love and get married. Then him and his father have to fight another tribe and his father is killed. He and his mother are very very sad. Then his wife, Lani, has a baby, named Kahana, and Mana learns that the breath of life goes on forever. I enjoyed the show a lot! They did lots of crazy things with fire which include sitting on top of a big fire for about 15 seconds in a grass skirt. It was so cool. The PCC is very interesting place. I learned a lot.

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