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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hanauma Bay Snorkeling

Today we went snorkeling in a place called Hanauma Bay. We had to get up very early. It was my favourite thing we have done so far. We saw lots and lots of fish and sea urchins. Me, Sasha, and my dad saw a huge brown-red eel that was all coiled up inside some coral. My favourite fish was called the trumpet fish and looked like a long white stick. We also saw some huge rainbow fish. There was a lot of coral that looked like rock. It was hard to believe it was alive. There were some places where the coral was so tall it formed a cave around you and you had to turn around.  It was so much fun! For supper today we went to an awesome place called Rock Island Cafe and was exactly like a fifties diner. It was so cool! I love that era. I had a hot dog and for dessert I had a vanilla milkshake. It tasted very good! Afterwards we walked around and went into a shop called 88 Tees. I bought a sweatshirt there. It was a very cool place. Today was very fun and one of my favourite days I've had!

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  1. sounds like such a wonderful experience! can you believe you were actually seeing those sea creatures up close and personal?? i'm sure it was amazing. i love the 50's era too. Sometimes i think i should have been born in the 50's!! :) They seemed to know how to live in style... keep having fun. xo