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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Long Trip

Driving from Burnaby, BC to Winnipeg MB. Mostly driving, yes. But also some exploring of Seattle, Montana, and even Fargo. We started in Langley, BC for one night where we had some trouble with the GPS and at the front desk of the hotel. then we drove to Seattle where we had a long wait at the border, but  finally drove up to the Westin Seattle, a very nice hotel where we got THREE rooms that were all connected for a good price, thanks to our friend Lisa. We stayed in Seattle for 3 nights. I really loved Pike Place Market and the gum wall, which is a ally and the walls are completely covered in gum. It was really cool. Here are some pictures of our time in Seattle.

This is the sign outside Pike Place Market

This is our hotel's two towers. We stayed on the 36th floor.

This is the view outside one of our windows.

Here we are at the original Starbucks.

This is at Pike Place Market again, watching the fish throwers. When someone orders fish one of the guys picks up the fish and throws it back and forth to the other guy a few times. They're funny and it's cool to watch. They are like fish guys and entertainers. 

This is at the gum wall

One day we drove to a little place called Fremont. It is a really interesting and quirky place and there is a lot of public outside art that people can look at, like the Fremont troll under the bridge.

Or the giant rocket ship.

Or the statues at the bus stop!

We had lots of fun in Seattle but soon it was time to drive for 10 HOURS to Butte, Montana. The driving was okay, altogether we watched 3 movies. In between all of that I made an awesome crayon creation, covered my clipboard in pipe cleaners, and drew some awesome stick people including a ninja, a chef, and a scuba diver. We were in Butte for one night and then we drove to West Yellowstone. On the way we stopped at the Louis and Clark Caverns. You can go right inside them with a tour guide. First it was a 20 minute walk to the entrance of the caves. The caverns were some of the coolest things I have ever done.  

It probably took about two hours to get through all the cave rooms. It was worth it! After we drove to a little "working cowboy town" called  Ennis for lunch. We ate at a place called Yesterdays which is a little diner and soda fountain inside a drugstore. The food was pretty good but the milkshake was even better! 

The next night we were in West Yellowstone. It was on the Fourth of July so we went to watch the parade.  No good pictures of that.

The next day we drove through and explored Yellowstone. We drove until we saw these steam pits and geysers and other cool stuff.

It was all really beautiful and cool. I really liked seeing it. Next we went to see Old Faithful.    The area around it has lots of benches for people to sit. We found a spot and waited for it to start. We kept saying "any minute now!" and "Ohh oh ohhh!" but it didn't start for a while. It did start in the amount of time they said it would though. And when t did it was really cool. I didn't expect for it to be so high! It was really really awesome.

We drove through the park some more, stopping at different lookout points, and then we were off to Billings. 

We stayed in Billings for two nights and then we drove another 9 hours to Fargo. We watched some really good movies throughout the entire trip like Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and 2 and Bridge to Terabithia. I really liked Bridge to Terabithia because it starred Josh Hutcherson who is in The Hunger Games as Peeta Mellark, and Anna-Sophia Robb from Soul Surfer as Bethany Hamilton. The driving went okay. There were no major fights or anything. In Fargo we did a lot of swimming and shopping. The pool was nice and big with a great water slide. We spent a lot of time there. We also spent a lot of time shopping at Kohls, Target, and Scheils. After two nights we drove to Winnipeg and had to do a lot of hard unpacking. I think that unpacking is harder than packing because you are looking for places to put things instead of just putting things in boxes. But maybe that's because I didn't do hardly any packing, I don't know. So now we're here and settled in, and this post took forever to write, like 3 days, and now it's time for supper.