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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stanley Park, Picnics, and Flowers

Yesterday I went to Stanley Park to explore around and have a picnic.  On the way there, one of the streets was full of cherry blossoms.  We parked and walked around to take some pictures.

                  There were also other flowers planted along the street as well.

Then we got back into the van and drove to Stanley Park.  Then we walked to our picnic spot, right by the "Lost Lagoon".  We saw some swans....

...and a heron.

On the way back, we got up really close to some Raccoons.  Also know as "Coonies" according to Ellie.  Madi, remember the song, "I love Baby Racoons?

It was so much fun, and I loved seeing all the animals.  I can't wait untill we go again!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Madi, Where Are You?

Madi.   I think you know what I am going to say.

You have not posted for three weeks!  That is not the Madi that I know.  Remember when you used to post everyday?  If you are on vacation the best thing to do would be to let people know so they do not get mad at you.  And if (when) you do post I want a nice long one.  Like the ones you used to write, remember?  I don't think you want to know what I will to do you if you do not write a post in the next week.  don't say I didn't worn you!   iai issiam earingiah romiaf ouoay!

 annieiaH annieiaN

Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Idea What to Call This Post

It is Spring Break!  That means I get to sleep in.  Although I will probably be up at 6 anyway reading.  

Message to Madi-  It has been 3 weeks since your last post.  Where are you?  Give us a (long) post already!

 I have been reading this really good book series called Warriors.  It is about wild cats who live in the woods.  There are four clans,  the Shadowclan, the Riverclan, the Windclan, and the Thunderclan. The book is written in perspective of the Thunderclan.  The cats have their own territories and the warriors fight against the other clans.  There are 3 sub-series The first one is Warriors which is the one that I am reading, the second one is Warriors: The New Prophecy, and the third one is Warriors: The Power of Three.  They are really good and even if you don't like fantasy I would still recommend them because they aren't really hard to believe.  You think that it really is happening.   

I am going to stop writing now because it is lunch time! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Can't Belive It

I just found out something crazy.

This is how many people have seen my blog.

2, 456 from Canada.

322 from United States.

77 from Germany.

36 from United Kingdom.

22 from Argintina.

21 from Russia.

14 from Chile.

13 from United Arab Emirates

12 from Japan.

2 from China.

1 from Indonesia.

Isn't that crazy?!  I just can't  belive it!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Best Field Trip EVER!

Today my class took a field trip to Victoria. We took the ferry (of course). Here are some pictures from when we were leaving the mainland.
                                                              This was inside the ferry.
These pictures  were taken inside, looking out the window.   It was raining on the way there, so we couldn't go out on the decks.

This was a picture of an orca that we saw.....

It is just a picture of a poster of an Orca, because we didn't see any real ones.

 This is a picture of the people I was with on the ferry. Sorry the picture is so dark.
From left to right: Holly, Wesley, Emma, Trinity, and Harmony.  Wesley and Emma were in my group.

This is a picture of another ferry.  It is the type that we were on.

Here, we are almost at the docks.

Here we were unloading when we spotted a heron in the trees.  Click on the picture and see if you can see it in the tree on the left.

We stopped in Chinatown and had lunch in a delicious Chinese restaurant.  

We have been reading a book that takes place in Victoria in Chinatown mostly in a place called Fan Tan Alley.  Fan Tan Alley is a skinny little alley that has some shops and things in it.

Where the shops are, it widens a bit.

Another  main place in the book is a store that they call the Never-ending Store.  It isn't really called that, but I can see why they did decide to call it the Never-ending store.  You enter the first room, and then at the back there is another room.  And then there is another.  Then you think it is the end but there is another, and another, and another, and another.  These are a few of the many rooms. 


Fans purchesed by Emma and Wesley in the Never-ending Store.

The gates to Chinatown.

After Chinatown, we walked to the Provincial Legislature.

We took a tour of the building.  This is the roof.

This is the Legislative Chamber.  Unfourtunately, we didn't get to go in.

Here the gaurd is unlocking the jail in the basement.

The flowers were blooming.

Here we are at the Royal B.C. Museum.  This is the Beatles yellow submarine. 

This is the life-size woolly mammoth.  It was really cool.

This was the once alive sea anemone that we got to touch. It was so creepy.
Just a really big crab.

This was on the ferry leaving Victoria.

The weather was nice so we were allowed on to the decks.

It was really windy on the decks.

On the bus back to the school, the kids in the back had a party.  there was no lights on, and a couple kids brought laser lights.  We sang, told funny stories, and told ghost stories. And we laughed like crazy.  I was using my flash, so the pictures are way brighter than it was in the bus.

Here are the lights

Annika telling her story

This picture is when Bianca was telling her funny ghost story.  "Hiya Georgie!"  Oh, we laughed so hard.  The girl in the back has a Kleenex because she had a nosebleed.

I had such a fun time, and I learned a lot about my classmates. I can't wait untill my whole family goes.

Untill the next post, Hannah 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just Some News

#1. I found out today that the librarian at my school's husband used to be the premier of B.C.

#2. If you were wondering why most of my older blog posts say ," Posted by Pennerfive", it is because I used to have my blog on my mom and dad's email address. Then they got a blog on the same email address. just recently got my own email address so I changed it so my blog was on my email address. On my mom and dad's blog post it also says now, "Posted by Pennerfive". So that is why it says that. Fortunately, on the rest of blog posts it says, "Posted by Hannah".

#3. On Wednesday my class is taking the ferry to Victoria for the day. We are going there because we are studying government in social studies. It will be awesome, and I really hope it isn't going to rain!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Blog

My friend just got a blog named About That. She will post reviews about movies, tv shows, books, and resturaunts. I added her blog to my Cool Blogs list, and I suggest you check it out. She just posted her first review today. Welcome to the blog world, About That!

New Blog

oops sorry. the real post is above.