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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Maplelea Doll Photo Shoot

Me and my sisters all have a Maplelea doll, which are Canadian dolls from each with it's own name, personality, place it comes from in Canada and a journal in which it tells your dolls story and space where you can write your own. You can also order clothes for your doll from a catalogue they send out. Me, Ellie, and Sasha decided to lay out all our clothes and create as many different outfits as we can. We came up with 23.  Each person took turns creating and outfit for their doll and came up with a name for the outfit. Here are the pictures!

This is Brianne, Sasha's doll from Dauphin, Manitoba!

Brianne: A Date with Daddy

This is Saila, pronounced Sigh-la, Ellie's doll from Nunavut.

Saila: Little Miss not so Popular (I don't know why she chose this name)

This is Alexi, my doll from Toronto, Ontario

Alexi: Fall Time

Saila: Ballet Girl

Alexi: Rock Star

Brianne: A Day in Funky Town

Saila: Little Ladybug

Brianne: Baseball Star

Alexi: Pretty Pink

Saila: Kind of Awkward 

Alexi: Sleepyhead

Brianne: Snow Day

Brianne: Purplelicious

Saila: Stupendous Purple

 Alexi: Winter Night

Brianne: Kind of Shy

Alexi: All Dressed Up

Saila: A Rainy Day in Vancouver

Saila: Hip Hoppin

Brianne: Straight A Student

Alexi: Pajama Party

Brianne: Out and About

Alexi: Outside Adventures

Saila: Going to a Party

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pina The Movie

On Friday, I had to take the bus downtown, by myself, to meet my dad there. My mom and dad wouldn't tell me where we were going. When I got there, me and my dad had the best pizza ever at Pacifico Pizza. It really is the best! After we took the bus to Fifth Avenue Festival Cinema. We saw a really interesting, weird, different, really good movie. It is called Pina. It is a documentary about a German choreographer and different dances/"dances" she created. Some things are really cool, some things make you think, "what is the point of this?" Like there was a lady in the woods in a flowery dress and she had a leaf blower and was blowing leaves around. It was weird. Some parts were funny, like this person went on this bus and she had a giant pillow and then she started attacking it. There were actual dances too. I really liked the movie, but it was in German with English subtitles, which was kind of annoying, but I guess it wasn't about the words it was about the dance. What was really different about the movie was that Pina died unexpectedly right before they started filming but they decided to make it anyway. It was a really good movie. You can watch the trailer below:


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some Awsome Books and Two Awesome Videos

So, The first thing I'm going to write about is that I have read all three books in the Hunger Games Trilogy and I love love love them! I can't wait to see the movie that is coming out March 23rd! They are set in the future where in a place called Panem, which is part of what once was the U.S., there are The Hunger Games, a contest in which 24 kids from ages 12-18 fight to the death on live TV each year. It is very good and very clever.

Next, I wrote about a book called When You Reach Me a few months ago, if you didn't catch it you can see it here. Anyways, the book club I'm in made a video about the book for a contest. You have to make a 90 second video summarizing the ENTIRE book. And guess what? We won! The video was screened in Portland, Oregon, at a film festival. Here it is!

My school was also involved in another amazing video. For anti-bullying day my school and some other schools put together a project they called Pink 2012. We all learned the same dance to the chorus of Lady Gaga's Born This Way and then we were free to do anything we wanted for the verses. Some people came to each school to film it and then put it all together.
We also made a video just of classes at Confederation Park (my school), except I can't find it anywhere, which is really to bad because it was awesome

Here is the official video:

That's all for now!