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Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Idea What to Call This Post

It is Spring Break!  That means I get to sleep in.  Although I will probably be up at 6 anyway reading.  

Message to Madi-  It has been 3 weeks since your last post.  Where are you?  Give us a (long) post already!

 I have been reading this really good book series called Warriors.  It is about wild cats who live in the woods.  There are four clans,  the Shadowclan, the Riverclan, the Windclan, and the Thunderclan. The book is written in perspective of the Thunderclan.  The cats have their own territories and the warriors fight against the other clans.  There are 3 sub-series The first one is Warriors which is the one that I am reading, the second one is Warriors: The New Prophecy, and the third one is Warriors: The Power of Three.  They are really good and even if you don't like fantasy I would still recommend them because they aren't really hard to believe.  You think that it really is happening.   

I am going to stop writing now because it is lunch time! 

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  1. That almost makes me want to try the series on for size. Our reading tastes are a lot alike, and if you love this one (even though it's fantasy) I may have to give it a try.