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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Madi, Where Are You?

Madi.   I think you know what I am going to say.

You have not posted for three weeks!  That is not the Madi that I know.  Remember when you used to post everyday?  If you are on vacation the best thing to do would be to let people know so they do not get mad at you.  And if (when) you do post I want a nice long one.  Like the ones you used to write, remember?  I don't think you want to know what I will to do you if you do not write a post in the next week.  don't say I didn't worn you!   iai issiam earingiah romiaf ouoay!

 annieiaH annieiaN

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  1. I hope your friend Madi writes something soon! I thought of a funny story that I should share with you. When I was in Grade 5 and 6 my mom and dad took me out of school for 6 weeks! We went in our camper to Mexico, and while I had lots of fun I sure missed my friends back home. I sent your Mom postcards to make sure she would remember me! I even had a secret word that I would write that only her and I knew the real meaning! You'll have to ask her if she still remembers the code word and what it really meant! ;-)