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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Best Field Trip EVER!

Today my class took a field trip to Victoria. We took the ferry (of course). Here are some pictures from when we were leaving the mainland.
                                                              This was inside the ferry.
These pictures  were taken inside, looking out the window.   It was raining on the way there, so we couldn't go out on the decks.

This was a picture of an orca that we saw.....

It is just a picture of a poster of an Orca, because we didn't see any real ones.

 This is a picture of the people I was with on the ferry. Sorry the picture is so dark.
From left to right: Holly, Wesley, Emma, Trinity, and Harmony.  Wesley and Emma were in my group.

This is a picture of another ferry.  It is the type that we were on.

Here, we are almost at the docks.

Here we were unloading when we spotted a heron in the trees.  Click on the picture and see if you can see it in the tree on the left.

We stopped in Chinatown and had lunch in a delicious Chinese restaurant.  

We have been reading a book that takes place in Victoria in Chinatown mostly in a place called Fan Tan Alley.  Fan Tan Alley is a skinny little alley that has some shops and things in it.

Where the shops are, it widens a bit.

Another  main place in the book is a store that they call the Never-ending Store.  It isn't really called that, but I can see why they did decide to call it the Never-ending store.  You enter the first room, and then at the back there is another room.  And then there is another.  Then you think it is the end but there is another, and another, and another, and another.  These are a few of the many rooms. 


Fans purchesed by Emma and Wesley in the Never-ending Store.

The gates to Chinatown.

After Chinatown, we walked to the Provincial Legislature.

We took a tour of the building.  This is the roof.

This is the Legislative Chamber.  Unfourtunately, we didn't get to go in.

Here the gaurd is unlocking the jail in the basement.

The flowers were blooming.

Here we are at the Royal B.C. Museum.  This is the Beatles yellow submarine. 

This is the life-size woolly mammoth.  It was really cool.

This was the once alive sea anemone that we got to touch. It was so creepy.
Just a really big crab.

This was on the ferry leaving Victoria.

The weather was nice so we were allowed on to the decks.

It was really windy on the decks.

On the bus back to the school, the kids in the back had a party.  there was no lights on, and a couple kids brought laser lights.  We sang, told funny stories, and told ghost stories. And we laughed like crazy.  I was using my flash, so the pictures are way brighter than it was in the bus.

Here are the lights

Annika telling her story

This picture is when Bianca was telling her funny ghost story.  "Hiya Georgie!"  Oh, we laughed so hard.  The girl in the back has a Kleenex because she had a nosebleed.

I had such a fun time, and I learned a lot about my classmates. I can't wait untill my whole family goes.

Untill the next post, Hannah 


  1. I cannot believe you got to go on a ferry and see Victoria before I did! When we all go in May, you can be our tour guide! I think you took some awesome pictures!

  2. Hannah, thanks for taking me on your journey to Victoria. Amazing pictures sweetheart!! Happy to hear school is going so well.

  3. Your pictures are awesome Hannah! Even U. Jason can't get his horizon line straight ;p Don't tell him I said that ;p

    I would have to say that field trip beats any one that I got to take in elementary school. Lucky girl!
    ~A. Corina

  4. That field trip must have been the coolest one ever!!!!!!!! When I was in Vancouver for a trip my family and I went to china town and stopped at restaurants. It was so so so so so cool!!!! We also went on a ferry. Great pictures too!!!



    You are a great friend!!! and I miss you a lot!!!

  5. You had a crazy , jam-packed filled day! I hope you were good too and kept your group safe! That's kinda crazy- you got to see the island before your mom did!

  6. Hannah, thanks for sharing your pictures! My field trips also sadly pale in comparison to this one. How cool! I love the shot of the Provincial Legislature with the sun rays. Nicely done!

  7. Hey Hannah!
    That is so cool. I am jealous, you can't exactly take a ferry ride in Winnipeg! Call me this week!
    BETH!!!! and KATRINA TOO!!! she says hi.