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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Can't Belive It

I just found out something crazy.

This is how many people have seen my blog.

2, 456 from Canada.

322 from United States.

77 from Germany.

36 from United Kingdom.

22 from Argintina.

21 from Russia.

14 from Chile.

13 from United Arab Emirates

12 from Japan.

2 from China.

1 from Indonesia.

Isn't that crazy?!  I just can't  belive it!


  1. That is crazy! But I bet that's exciting too!

  2. How did you find that out? and that is a total of



  3. I love looking at the stats for our blog too. So does that make the farthest country Argentina?

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  5. I went on my dashboard, and there is a tab that says "stats" that is like the Design tab and I clicked on that. then at the top, there are some more tabs, click on the one that says "All the Time". You should see all the people who have seen your blog.