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Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Mom Thinks Luke Skywalker is a Whiner

We just finished watching Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and my mom says that she hates Luke Skywalker.  She thinks he whines and is babyish.  She likes Han Solo much better, and is glad that Princess Leia loves him instead of Luke.  She wants to know if anyone actually wishes Leia would love Luke.   Want more proof?  Nobody voted for Luke on my poll.  Leave a comment telling me whether you like Han Solo or Luke Skywalker better.  Oh, and who voted for Darth Vader on my poll?  Weird person.


  1. Tell your mom she shouldnt' hate anybody! ;-) Guerin and Lane love Star Wars too! Except Lane calls it Star Yars.

  2. Hi Hannah!
    You'll find out why later, but it's a good thing Leia doesn't love Luke Skywalker! Anyway, I think I like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker the same, because Han Solo is kind of Grumpy. But I think Luke is kind of weird. Which Star Wars movies have you seen? Which one is your favourite? My favourite is Return of the Jedi. Tell your mom where did she get those Stripes.

  3. Correction. I don't THINK he is..... i KNOW he is.


  4. Yah there is a reason why Leia doesn't like Luke (not cause he's winey although your mom is very right about that) and u find out in return of the jedi. have u seen the first, second and third one?

  5. It's been so long since I've seen Star Wars. It was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theatre. I like Hans Solo the best but I missed your poll. I like to think that he is brooding not grumpy!
    ~a. corina

  6. OK people - we've seen them all now. I get it. I get why Leia stuck with Han. Luke is still a whiner with a baby face. Actually, I really like Lando!