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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Circus At School

There has been someone teaching gr. 5,6,7 circus arts at school during the day, We learn to juggle, balance HUGE feathers on different body parts, spin plates, use the diabolos (also called chinese yoyos), use the batons, unicycle, use the rola bolas, use the stilts (the high ones!), and use "The Giant Wheel of Death".  It is all really fun.  The rola bolas are like a long, thick tube with a big piece of plastic balanced on top. you stand on it and move side to side while trying to balance.  It is so fun.  The Giant Wheel of Death is a GIGANTIC wheel that looks like a spool of thread.  You have to stand on it and walk on it so it moves forward.  Tomorrow is our last class.  I can't wait!

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  1. It was awesome to see some of the circus demonstration at school today. I wouldn't try a lot of those tricks in public!! We've got to get ourselves some of those scarves! Just promise me you won't run away and join the circus, ok?