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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Animation Video!

Here is me and my sisters first animation video.  We made it over spring break. Ellie got a klutz animation book for Christmas, and it tells you tricks and tips and how you can get the animation software on  your computer.  Although we had made a few small videos, this is our first major one.

Here it goes!


  1. This makes me smile every time I watch it. I love that you 3 did this together all on your own! Now that, my dear, is the beauty of sisters!

  2. Awesome video Hannah!!!! I wish I could do that!!!


  3. My favourite star wars character is... this is really weird....

    JABBA THE HUT and I also like Padme (she is only in episode 1,2,3)

    and C3PO

    And guess what? I started reading Diary of a Wimpy kid and I like it! I can't believe that. I used to think it was AWFUL and now I can't stop reading.

    My brother is CRAZY about star wars. He has a star wars poster, star wars blanket, star wars lamp, star wars lego, and star wars t -shirts.

    SO hi!

  4. I know! I like diary of a wimpy kid too! The movie is good as well!

  5. Hey Hannah! That is the coolest thing EVER!!! Me and Anna want to try, how did ya do it?

  6. Awesome video Hannah!! (and Ellie and Sasha) That is such a cool animation movie! Great job!! I love it when the two lego cars crash into each other and it says 'DEAD'. It's awesome!

  7. IT'S CALEB!!!! Thats a crazy sweet video! You guys are pro!

    You're all epic actors!!!!


  8. It's Brynne. That's an awesome video. I liked it when Ellie was pretending to be a vacuum cleaner.


  9. haha! That was awesome :)