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Friday, August 5, 2011


Today I just got back from Winkler Bible Camp. I had an incredible amount of fun. I was in cabin Love. The girls in my cabin were me, Madi (one of my best  friends from school), Jazmyn, Jade, Mackenzie, Joanna, Monica, Alise, Amanda, Tia, and my counselors Larissa and Erica.  We did tons of fun activities like the beach and water trampoline, rock climbing, ropes course and zip line, horses, canoes, and my favourite, the slip'n'slide.  It wasn't a regular slip'n'slide, it was actually just a big plastic sheet with lots of soap on it. One of the counselors would hold a big hose at the top for water and we would just jump on whenever we wanted to, so it ended up in lots of crashes. It was so much fun!!!!!!!  We also have chapels twice a day with funny skits and dances. We also sing lots of songs. this week the theme was the armor of God. I love the food at camp, especially breakfast. Except for the water.  It`s well water, so it has a lot of iron in it so it tastes like metal or blood.  It`s gross.  But they`re building a pump to pump the water from winkler there, so next year it will taste better. This week the competition was called showtime.  We had to put on a skit that was judged on props, costumes, story, and delivery. Throughout the week we tried to earn points to buy props and costumes.  My cabin came in 2nd.  We were beat out by my sisters cabin, Faith! The got ice cream sundaes and got to go to a carnival to play carnival games while the rest of us were in bed.  but I had an awesome time even though I did lose my glasses. But I just can`t wait untill next year!


  1. I'm so glad you love camp as much as I did when I was your age. I hope you counsel at camp one day and spend your summers having the best times and making the best memories. There is nothing like it!

    Mom xo

  2. I kind of wish I was 11 again so I could go back to camp. Those were some of my favourite times ever. Camp rocks!

    <3 AC