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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Dance 2

We  got a new Wii game called Just Dance 2, and it is SO much fun.  It has so many awesome songs, me and my mom have a battle going on with Tic Tok and Sasha keeps on beating me at It's Raining Men.  My favourite songs are Iko Iko,  Firework, Big Girl, It's Raining Men, I Want You Back, S.O.S. and Move Your Feet.  My dad has the high score or about 9000 points on a very hard, weird Russian song called Rasputin. It is very funny to watch my Mom and Dad try to do the dance moves.  I still can't belive Sasha has the high score on It's Raining Men. And Ellie wants to tell you that she beat me on S.O.S. and I Got You, and she beat Sasha on Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.  So we've spent a lot of time on this thing.  We all constantly have the songs in our heads.  I really recomend getting Just Dance 2 for Wii.


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  1. I will be victorious on Tic Toc Hannah. Mark my words. I'm not finished with you yet.

    Mom AKA "The Dance Machine"