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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Next Star

There is a TV show called the next star that is one of my favourite TV shows.  It shows 6 kids 15 or under who were picked out of thousands of kids who auditioned to be on the show and it shows them as they record and write their own song, film their own music video, get makeovers, and other cool stuff.  The top 6 finalists are, Parker, April, JD, Shania, Milly, and Charlie, who's real name is Melissa but her stage name is Charlie.  My favourite person is Shania. She by far has the best voice. I like Charlie too but there is one thing-she can't dance. She looks really awkward on stage and she holds her microphone at a weird angle as well.  But she is funny and interesting.

Here is Charlie singing so that you can see what i'm talking about.

so that's all and I can't wait to find out who wins the next star.


  1. WHAT? Shania? She is my fourth faveriote because I like Charlie the best. Shania does have a good voice, but she doesn't have that star personality. I like Charlie the best. Yes, she can't dance GREAT, but she's learning how to!

    Who is your least faveriote? Mine is Milly of JD. I can't stand JD's Hair! What do you think about April and Parker! I really like Parker. He is my second Faveriote. I'm happy that April is from Winnipeg but she is not the most amazing and she seems a bit shy and quiet.



  2. PS I can't wait till MUSIC VIDEOS!!!!

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  4. Sorry I accidenly deleted that what I meant to say was I got my class list!