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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Great New Movie

Today we rented a a movie from Roger's Video.  It is a movie I have wanted to see for awhile.  It is called Lemonade Mouth, aka Lemon Breath or Lemonade Head as it is often called in my family.  It's a wierd name, but it makes more sense if you watch the movie.  It's about a band, Lemonade Mouth, who meets in detention and the rival band, Mudslide Crush. The songs are really good and catchy.  My three favorites are Turn up the Music, Somebody, and She's so Gone.

Watch Somebody here

Watch Turn up the Music here

Watch She's so Gone  here

It was such a good movie, I totally recomend it!

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  1. I cannot get the songs from Lemonade Face out of my head!! I do agree though, that it is a great movie. You have good taste in music and movies!