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Sunday, November 22, 2009


# of day-25, letter of day-P, word of day-piano.  PIANO IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean it!!!!!  Today was a good day.  We played Bocce ( botchee) Ball, and I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEMORIES: I'm so glad to be home!  I think I can tell you what happened to Novannah now.   Novannah was walking home from school. She turned on to Red Apple-Pear Street, and then a speeding car hit her. Novannah died.  But I can talk about it now.    THE END!!!!!!  It's the end of MEMORIES.  But don't worry. Maybe in the future there will be more stories :)  :)   


  1. A car accident?? Wow. I'd like to see that made into a movie. Come one, Bird, you know you LOVE practicing piano - especially on Sunday nights! And I know your favorite song is "I saw Three Ships"! :) Especially all the parts where you play the wrong notes! Love you Birdie!

  2. no wonder it was so hard to talk about it. AND i'm really looking forward to the next story hannah :)

    just so you know i used to find piano really FRUSTRATİNG too! but now i wish that i could play your mom...and my mom...stick with it! it will get better.

    güle güle, (that's how they say goodbye in means 'be on your way with a smile')

    a. corina

  3. November 24
    Hi Hannah and others,

    I told you it was intersting! I love your blog so much and I can't wait to read more stories and others. I was sad when you left from school today...
    If you got the H1N1 shot, I hope you feel better. It hurt when I got mine.
    I am enjoying writing about the titanic and reaserching the titanic for my new book. I promise I'll bring it to school as soon as I get it!
    Guess what arrived today from eBay? Nothing!!!
    If I got the books I'd write about it on my blog. What one to you want to read first?
    I am saving my money to buy "A coal minners bride" but I can't buy it yet since I don't have enough money sadly. I'll do more chores.
    Do you know anything about Novi's blog yet?
    I can't wait to read "Snowflake girl". If her sister gets a blog, I want to read it too!
    This is a really long comment, don't you think?
    Speaking of Comments Kristen gave me a really nice one. This is what it days:
    Hey Madi it's Kristen from school I finally got time to read your glog and boy am I glag I had time.I mean where do I start I loved it all so much,I mean were do you come up with all of these stories I mean all of these other stories you write that you show me at school and just know on your glog I mean where do you come up with all these stories?Never mind you read all the time.See you at school. P.S.keep on writing I think you'll become a great journalist.From Kristen

    Isin't that nice? Oh, I hope there isn't a limit on how many words in a comment. I guess I better go!

  4. Yes that is a very long comment! I want to read Early Sunday Morning first!

  5. Remember Lian's dad who is actully a woman?

  6. Hannah, I am npt just trying to be mean, but that story is REALLY A LITTlE TO AWESOME!
    I love it so much! Please write more about a differnt story, since it was so MYSTERYOUS and really CLEVER.
    Your Friend, Madi