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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lots to say!

Hey! I have a lot to say say so get comfortable! Today we played kickball in gym. It is my 3rd favourite game!  A girl named Kara was the best kicker and we had her on my team!  We won by six points!We had 39 points.

3rd Part!
"No!No!No!I will never, ever, drive down Red Apple-pear Street!" I scream.  I am saying this because that is the road Novannah went away on. My Mom looks dissipointed, so I agree to go. I get in the van.We're driving..............................Oh man! We are almost on Red Apple-pear Street. I don't think I can do this!"Stop the van!" I yell.  My Mom does. I get out of the van and run. And run. And run.  I Have no idea where I'm going. Then, I stop. I look around.  I AM LOST!


  1. OK Bird, I am so curious about what happens next... the suspense is killing me! I STILL don't know what happened to Novannah! When will you tell us? Maybe I'll lock you in your room until you finish the story. (just kidding)

    Don't let Ellie read the part about Kickball!! :)

  2. Okay Hannah-your on my daily reads! Keep it coming! ;-)

  3. I know what happend but I can't tell.
    The only thing I'll say is it's intersting!

  4. I can't wait to hear the rest

    Madi"s Grandma

  5. i'm not familiar with kickball is that like dodgeball or more like soccer? congrats on the win :)

    the story is getting more and more've got me curious!

  6. Hey Hannah . . . Auntie Carla here. I'm so glad your Mom gave me your blog address. I can't believe I've been missing out on the adventures of Alexia and Novannah. I can't wait to find out what happens next in your story!!

    So if kickball is your 3rd favourite game, I'm very curious to know what your first and second favourites are . . . since I sometimes substitute in gym class, I need to know what favourite games are.

    When Caleb gets home, I'm going to get him to read and catch up on the life of Alexia . . . and Hannah :)

  7. My first favourite game is dodgeball, and my second favourite game is dodgeball-basketball. Dodgeball-basketball is kind of hard to explain.