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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our Florida Home

One of the things that made our trip to Florida so great was that we stayed at an amazing place. We had a big, updated, comfortable condo to stay in and the resort was filled with fun things to do. There were two awesome pools, one with a splash pad and one with a pirate ship that we all (admittedly even I) enjoyed. There was often live entertainment, games, and contests on the pool deck that anyone could participate in. One of my favourite things in life is watching our friend Pierce, who is 5, hula hoop. Other than swimming, which we did quite a lot of, there was lots of time spent playing ping pong, minigolf, Foosball, and eating ice cream. We all agreed that we would be fine just to spend all of our time at the resort and bypass Disney entirely.

The Reimer's room was right next to ours and if you peeked inside in the morning or in the evening you could often see us playing intense games of Dutch Blitz, or even a couple rounds of Cheese Touch. Pretty much every day when we were eating breakfast or packing for Disney, Cohen, the Reimer's middle child, would poke his head into our room and just stare at us with that open mouthed smile. I made the very good comparison that Co is like a puppy. He runs around with tons of energy, always smiling, always happy, knocking things over and messing stuff up but you can never get mad at him.

After awhile in our Florida home, it really did start to feel like home. We had our little routine each day and we didn't want to leave. And now, for your enjoyment, pictures!

Our first hula hooping contest, which Sasha won.

Our loyal Disney companion, which we often forgot in random places. We named him Strolly.

All the girls have normal faces, all the boys have crazy faces, and some downright strange. 

All the kids who went on Space Mountain, Ellie included.

Our classic Disney picture.

Here's Strolly again.

In "Canada" at Epcot. Apparently we all live in Alberta or BC.

Our cook at the Japanese restaurant at Epcot, with a Mickey Mouse made out of onions below. He must get, so, so sick of making Mickey Mouse. 

My dad, Co, Auntie Tan, and Peirce on Everest. My dad unimpressed and Pierce loving it. 

Pierce hula hooping! It may look like it is falling but it actually spins at that angle for him. 

Here is Ellie at Cocoa Beach. We went with just the Penner's.

Me and Ellie having a blast in the waves and Sasha looking not so sure. 

Ellie really enjoying those drums at Epcot.

Here we are at "Sketch Club", taught by expert Uncle Shawn. 

Here is the oldest Reimer child, Zach, drawing our subject of choice, Mickey Mouse. 

The expert and his much superior Mickey.

All of us concentrating hard. 

We had such an incredible trip to Florida. I can't wait until I can go again!

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