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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pina The Movie

On Friday, I had to take the bus downtown, by myself, to meet my dad there. My mom and dad wouldn't tell me where we were going. When I got there, me and my dad had the best pizza ever at Pacifico Pizza. It really is the best! After we took the bus to Fifth Avenue Festival Cinema. We saw a really interesting, weird, different, really good movie. It is called Pina. It is a documentary about a German choreographer and different dances/"dances" she created. Some things are really cool, some things make you think, "what is the point of this?" Like there was a lady in the woods in a flowery dress and she had a leaf blower and was blowing leaves around. It was weird. Some parts were funny, like this person went on this bus and she had a giant pillow and then she started attacking it. There were actual dances too. I really liked the movie, but it was in German with English subtitles, which was kind of annoying, but I guess it wasn't about the words it was about the dance. What was really different about the movie was that Pina died unexpectedly right before they started filming but they decided to make it anyway. It was a really good movie. You can watch the trailer below:



  1. goodness me this movie looks interesting!!! so many themes and expressions....those dancers all look so powerful to me (from even just the trailer).
    so very cool that you could go meet your dad.
    eeek. are you sure your mother wasn't secretly following your bus (wearing giant sunglasses and hair tucked under hat as a disguise) to make sure you got there safetly???

  2. I sure had fun on our date Hannah! The pizza was delicious and the movie was the wierdest one I've ever seen. I'll never forget it, that's for sure. One thing you forgot to mention in your post is that we saw the movie in glorious 3D!