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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Help!

Halloween is coming up and I still don't have a good costume idea yet.  So I am looking for your help.
Comment or email me your costume ideas.  You can tell me ideas you've heard of, or even what you are being because, as I live in a different city as pretty much all of you, it won't matter if I choose yours. If I pick your idea, I will send you some of my candy! Please send them to me as soon as possible. I am despreate!


  1. ok. I'm not a huge halloween fan but a favourite costume of mine was worn by a friend of mine...

    A rotten tooth fairy - dress like a fairy with wings & make a tooth logo with a cavity in it to tape/pin to your shirt, cover a tooth in your own mouth with black stuff.

    You could wear some of your ballerina/dance stuff and add wings and a wand. Instead of a star on the end of your wand you could put a rotten tooth.

    If you want to make your face look more scary you could paint it white and add black around your eyes and black lipstick...


  2. Hi Hannah!
    I was wondering the same thing, and then I talked to Grandma Reimer today and she gave me an idea. She said when her son was young, he dressed up as a popcorn ball. He wore a large clear garbage bag and filled it up with popcorn until he was a big ball. That way if you get hungry, there's plenty of food for you and your friends! I think I'm gonna be a popcorn ball this year. Have fun deciding!

    Auntie Tan

  3. You should be baby aliiiiiive!Just kidding. You could be someone from one of your favourite movies or books!

  4. You could be a pirate, or Santa, or 1 of your sisters. Last year I was a clown, the year before that I was a Panago pizza delivery dude. This year I'm gonna be a puppet.

  5. Do you know what you're being yet?????