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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!

Hi once again!

Now is the perfect time to tell everyone about the past week in Vancouver/Burnaby.

                                                      Top 5 Exciting Things
   1.  Movers coming and moving our stuff in our new house.
   2.  An awesome hike.
   3.  Going to the Barnet Beach.
   4.  Seeing the Celebration of Lights.
   5.  Going to the B.C. Day celebration on the Londsdale Quay.

Now I will tell you the details of each thing.  When the movers moved our stuff in it was suprisingly fun!  They were all friendly and did a good job.  In the moving van only one lamp got a little crunched but other than that it was all good.  I liked watching them move the piano in!  Okay, on to the hike.  Well, Ellie was acating like some jungle explorer, pertending to use a machete and saying jump! Dodge! Jump! Dodge! and making us all laugh like crazy.  At the Barnet Beach the water was FREEZING but me and Ellie had a fun time beach combing.  We colected awesome sea barnecales, a dead crab that was named Abby, a rock that looked like a lizard and lots and lots of shells.  But our most awesome thing we got was.....STARFISH!!!!!!!! Thats right, we found three starfish.  Me and Ellie found two and Dad and Sasha found one. Sasha's was named Speedy and Me and Ellie's was named Arie and Carrie. Arie was red and Carrie was purple.  I held them! One side was hard like a shell and one was slimey and had little thingers that helped them move. I love them but we had to put them back.  Next the Celebration of Lights. The Celebration of Lights was a tribute to China.  There were AMAZING fireworks!  Really pretty! I liked the sparkler ones the best! It went on untill it was really late. Then we had to run like crazy to get a spot on the bus- there was so many people! The bus driver really shouldn't have let us on, it was already a sardine can in there but he did any way.  It was packed like crazy and at each stop it got crazier-we had so many people on there some of them were smushed against the doors!  Luckily we got a spot in the front so we were not as crunched. We even got to sit down for a bit! We had a really nice bus driver and he was funny too.  He made the hour trip less unbearable.  Yesterday we went on the sea bus to Londsdale Quay in North Vancouver.  There  was a B.C. Day celebration.  We got geloto and had a fun time walking around, listening to a band, and going in some shops.  Then we took the sea bus back.  The sea bus is a big boat full of seats that takes you across the sea from South to North Vancouver.  Well that's all. If you have any thing to ask me please don't hesitate to comment.  Also check out the crazily awesome blogs on my list.

   till the next post, 


  1. HELLO! HELLO! HELLO! (again!) Awesomeness.Did you know that I got skates a couple days ago? (that was random) I like POLKA DOTS!!! ( that was too) I really have nothing to say but I'm commenting anyway 'cause you're awesome. ONLY 8 MORE DAYS LEFT 'TILL WE LEAVE!!! But it's 9 or 10 until we see you, but anyway, did you ask your mom that question? If you didn't, I'll send her that video! Send me your phone number and postal code, I have your email. I'm gonna try and post something on my blog tomorrow, check it out sometime after like, 6 or something... I dunno... Anyway, comment on my blog and say what the WOTD should be. I'll probably use it... ANYWHO! BYE!!!
    Beth <3 (heart)

  2. Hi Bye Moshi Me Madi

    Moshi me!

    Pinboard me!

    Madiwest is the name, moshi monstering is the game!

  3. sounds like the best time evah!

  4. Hi Hannah I am in Vancouver right now for a trip!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! I miss you so much!!!!!!


    P.S. Write back!!!

  5. Awesome! too bad it's raining a bit here. How long are you going to be in Vancouver?

  6. I am in Vancouver for 12 days but I just got back today! I had so so so much fun!!!!!! I am sad that I had to go home but it's good to be home!!! I miss you alot!!

    Write back!