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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hey everyone!  Vancouver is awesome!  Yesterday we went for a walk down Robson Street and I bought a really cool hat!  For supper we had the best pizza in the world.  It was GREAT!  Today we are going to go to the Vancouver Aquarium.  It will be so much FUN!  I will write more later.  I will also post pictures soon.


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  1. Guess what book I'm reading?


    There is a young boy and two girls.

    There is an old lady named Stella.

    A little boy named Pete has an allergy to Peanuts and Fish.

    One of the main girl's names is Alpha, but they call her Ally.

    The other girl's name rhymes with "Knee"

    The boy says his father has no head because he has only even seen photos of the other half of his body.

    The boy's teacher is named Mr. Silver

    Bree, one of the girls, has a friend named Claire

    Do you know what book this is???? I think you do!