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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big News!

Hello from Vancouver!  That's right!  I am in Vancouver on a holiday!  My dad is living here because his work moved him here for awhile.  We flew here yesterday.  The flight was really long.  It is so nice here!
It's cloudy but not to cold.  In a little bit we are going to take a walk down Robson Street. Robson Street has lots and lots of stores.  It's always really busy.  You know what I think is cool?  Here it is only around 10:10 but in Winnipeg it is around 12:10.  I think that's really cool. 


P.S.  There will be pictures later!

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  1. Today I played with Tasha and Ovian, and we played "Loyalists" (FROM THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION GUESS WHO THOUGHT THAT UP?) and it was very fun.
    Me and Kara are making fun of that ajoodacator... Kara says she looked like a caterpillar!

    We all miss you, Annieiah. It was a quite funny day. Minneapolis...2 days!!!

    La Poule Mauble et marche et march. I am a little fatigué right now if you know what I mean... Easter Chaple was reatiag!

    It's cool... in the furnace man (sss)... It's the cool it the furnace, man this furnice is cool, cool, cool. REMEBER JOSIAH?

    I assume that Vancover is a very pretty city. It sounds awesome. You finally HAVE been to B.C. I want to go there. OTALLYIAT WESOMEIAA!