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Monday, February 1, 2010

Want to hear Something Funny?

  Okay, so I was at my friend Caleb's house today, and when we were eating supper, our parents started to talk about me and Caleb switching our rooms to the basement when we got older.  My mom said that the only problem would be that in case of fire, the window wouldn't be big enough.  Then my mom said to Caleb, "Well, you could always butter your but!" and then his dad said, "Yeah, get pajamas on, brush your teeth, and then butter your but!"  Then my mom said, "It could be the name of your soccer team, the Butterbut team!" and then his dad replied "Or Butterbuts United." Of course, us kids were laughing our heads off.  It was really funny.  If you want to check out some more funny stuff, check out Beth and Anna's Fantabulous Blog. It's on my list of blogs.

       Signing of, Hannah


  1. I guess I'll have to start buying butter by the case for your butt, and for Caleb's too! All those many years ago when you and Caleb were tiny little babies I always hoped that you'd still be friends when you started getting big! I'm so thankful you are!!

  2. Caleb here
    Nice one Hannah. Made me laugh all over again. I'm saving my money for one of those BIG,BIG cases.

  3. your mommy is silly and fun.
    Thanks for putting the darfur bag blog in your favourites! That's really sweet.
    xo enjoy your dad this weekend!