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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Part 1 of my new story.


Hi. I'm Alexia. I'm looking at a picture on my dresser, crying. It's a picture of 
me and my best friend, Novannah. It hurts too much  to talk about it
now. My Mom comes in and says, " Listen. These things happen". I 
nod.  I go to bed.

The next day I'm at school, looking at the empty desk beside me.
I don't remember much of school. I was staring into space, thinking about all
the good times me and Novannah had together.  I want to run away.


  1. I love it. It is simple, but yet so complex. The words are as powerful as the meaning. Mysterious, but very clever.

  2. I love it too. I am intrigued to read about what has happened. AND, now I know why you asked me if I liked the name "Novannah"! Keep writing.


  3. Again, I love it but you should write more.