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Friday, October 30, 2009

New Post

Sorry I haven't wrote in a while. Today was a pretty good day.
Here's part 2.  MEMORIES
                today I stayed in my room all day because it was a Saterday.  I hate the way I 
can't see Novannah any more.  I'm not talking to anyone.  My mom tries to talk  but I won't
say anything at all.  "Alexia please, talk."she says.  But I won't.  School is so, so, so, so, boring 
with out her.  The memories hurt the most.


  1. I think its great. Keep it up!
    Mad 4 Madi

  2. I think it's great too - but does your mom's opinion count??


  3. Okay, fine, Moms opinions count.

  4. i like the names you've chosen for your characters. i got to read part 1 & 2 together on the same day so now i'm hooked and need more!! where is novannah?? what happened to her? i must know! :)

    keep up the blogging. it's fun isn't it?
    love you
    a. corina