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Monday, August 13, 2012

Winkler BIble Camp

On August 6th to 10th I was at Winkler Bible Camp for the sixth or seventh summer in a row. I really love camp and I always wish it was longer. I came to camp with my friend Madi, who I went with last year. We had so much fun together. This year I was in Intermediate camp for the first time. I was in cabin Hope and my counselors were named Brenna and Brooklyn. I really loved intermediate camp and thought it was so much better then juniors. We got to have parties and special things after the juniors went to bed, longer and better chapels, and we got to pick our own activities. We got a slip of paper with different blanks in it for each activity time, and then there would be tables with the different choices we could sign up for at that time. I liked that because if you don't want to do an activity, you don't have to sign up for it. For instance, I don't like the bikes activity, so I didn't sign up for it at all. But I love the climbing wall, so I signed up for it 3 times. The climbing wall is one of my favourite activities. I successfully climbed Face Lift, the 4th hardest one on the second try and attempted Crevice, the 3rd hardest one that I climbed about halfway. Anyway, I really loved the nighttime parties we had. One was at the beach where we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and one was in the barn loft, where there was different slushie drinks, snacks, and dancing. They don't keep any animals in that barn by the way. Those were so fun. We also had a really fun night game that was kind of like capture the flag. Everyone wore black and it was really dark outside. You would have to make it to these different stations and try to complete these challenges to get a coloured rock. Then you would have to bring the rocks to the middle of the field without being caught. The whole time there are counselors trying to catch you and take you to jail, where you have to complete a challenge given to you. I only got caught once. While we were there these boys had to sing a song for the challenge and they sang boyfriend in these really creepy voices. Me and my friend stayed just to listen to it. It was so funny! After the game was over we had fireworks. The food at camp was mostly good, they are not getting water from a well now so the water doesn't taste like blood anymore. The best meal was the baked oatmeal for breakfast. The songs were so much better then last year. The theme song was especially better then last years Suit Up. I really enjoyed the songs in the intermediate chapel a lot more then the songs in the regular chapels. I had a really awesome time at camp and I can't wait to go back next year!

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