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Saturday, June 16, 2012


First, movies.

On Thursday night I went to my friend Maddy's house for a sleepover because there wasn't any school on Friday. My friend Emilia was also there. We got a fair bit of sleep for a sleepover, about 8 hours! We watched an awesome movie that I hadn't seen before. Cheaper by the Dozen 2!!! The 2 is very important as I liked it much better than the first one. It is so funny and it really is an awesome movie. I told my mom that we have to watch it together now. My favourite character is Sara, and I also like the twin girls, I don't remember their names. One of my favourite parts is when Tom is fixing the dock at the lake and he is listening to music. He starts dancing in a really funny way. He reminded me of my mom!

Another movie which my family watched yesterday was Supersize Me. Finally! I have been wanting to watch it and I found it really interesting and also funny. My favourite part was when he was eating McDonalds in his van and he starts talking about "McGurgles", "McHeadache", "McGas, "and being "McCrazy". I found it funny and weird that his girlfriend was vegan! I thought it was a really good movie.

Next, an awesome new blog.

Today in the paper there was an article about a girl from Scotland who had a blog where she posted pictures of her school lunch every day. She rated the lunch on how good it tasted, how healthy it was, and even wrote how many hairs it had in it! The school banned her taking any more pictures of her lunch, even though most of the lunches looked pretty good and she posted mostly positive things. The president of something-school-related-but-I-can't-remember-what lifted the ban and said she could continue posting her lunches on her blog. Her blog has become quite popular and has many, many people looking at it. I am going to post the link and please check it out because it is really good. She hasn't even been doing it for that long. You should start at her first post though. Click here to check it out! 

Finally, dance!

I had my dance recital last week and it went really well! Except for the fact I accidentally wore my socks on stage and I slipped getting up from the ground. They were at least grey! And short socks! No one could tell! I hope. Anyway, in my last post I said my coustume was supposed to be red and black but they ran out so it was yellow and black instead. Well, here is a picture of the bumblebee outfit.

The best part was waiting back stage after I went on. Me and my friends had lots of fun running around in the theater, up and down stairs, even outside! It was hot in the dressing room! When were out side my friend thought we couldn't get back in to the dressing room so she climbed through the window and we just opened the door and went inside. It was so funny! We also were pretending to be spies rolling around upstairs!

That's all I have to say for now!

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  1. Sounds like your recital was fun...esp. the after part ;p

    Thanks for sharing that blog. I'm not sure why but I like seeing what other people eat. Is that weird? Maybe not if she has over 5 million views hey?