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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Design an Ad Contest

Every year, a contest is held with The Burnaby Now, where classes from many different elemantary schools design an ad for a buisness in Burnaby. Each class that participates gets a different buisness. This year, my class got The Burnaby Fire Department. Every one in the class had to design an individual ad. A photographer from the Burnaby Now comes to each class that is involved and takes pictures of us working on them. Some of them were featured in the newspaper, like I was! Here I am with two of my good friends Maddy and Julia.

Each buisness then picks the one they think is the best and The Burnaby Now also puts it in the newspaper. And guess what? Mine won! Here it is...

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  1. congratulations Hannah!! Woot woot! I love that your fire fighter is a girl :D