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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hi.   You know what's really fun to do?  Go back to the very first post on your, or someone elses blog and read from the beginning to end.  It's so cool to see.  When I did this on one of my friends blog it was wierd to read posts that she wrote before I even knew she was alive!

Okay, this is a quiz for one person only.  Madi, are you ready? It's a quiz about josh, or thecomputernerd01

  1. What colour is Josh's van?
  2. What is josh's favourite candy?
  3. it the video Randomness with Josh II, what is the name of Josh's younger cousin?
  4. What is josh's favourite day of the week?
  5. True or False.  Josh lives in New Jersey.
  6. What country is Josh's grampa frrom?
  7. josh's favourite pokemon game is _______. 
Answer in the comments box.  I will give you the results in another post.

Anyway,  My dad is outside right now setting up our trampoline.  That's right, TRAMPOLINE!!!!!!  I can't wait to go outside and jump!  My dad promised us one last year and now he finaly got us one.  It will be so fun.  That's the end of this post, but a new post will be coming soon about my family's trip to Victoria, Tofino, and Parksville.  Bye!

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