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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

Here is a list of random thoughts

1.  Have you heard the saying, "For the love of Pete!"? Well, who is Pete?  and why did they (who's they?) choose Pete's name?

2.  Have you watched The Lion King?  Is it good?  I don't know. Tell me.

3.  Here is a really weird song I read in a book.

Down in a meadow in a itty bitty pool fam fee itty fitties and a mommy fittie foo.  Fim! said the mommy fittie, Fim if you can!  Boop boop dittum dattum wittum wattum CHOO!  Boop boop dittum dattum wittum wattum CHOO!

4. Known variations for Justin Beiber's "you smile, I smile".  "You smell, I smell", "You smell, I smile", "You barf, I smile", "You smile, I barf". All variations written by Ms. Parmar's grade 5 classroom.

5.  Something that will make people laugh during a spelling test. "Does spelling count?"

6.   Crows really sound like ducks at 7:00 in the morning. Loud, annoying ducks.  I know this from experience.

7.   The absoulute best way to change Justin Beiber's name.  Just A Beaver.

8.  If your sister brings home a book she made in Kindergarten titled "The Rat", and she wrote her name underneath, the best thing to do would be to add a comma after "The Rat", so it now reads
"The Rat, Sasha".

9.  A guy in my class is named Guray (Goo- ray).  Some students call him Google-ee-ray.  Like the guy on "Monsters Inc."

10.  The mayor of Burnaby is Derek Corrigan

So yeah. My random thoughts.

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  1. random thought #8 made me laugh out loud. I don't do that often ;p

    p.s. I really like your avatar!