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Monday, November 8, 2010


Yoo hoo! Anybody still reading my blog?  Well, maybe this will get you interested.  

I SAW A PINK ELEPHANT YESTERDAY!  No, not really.  But, I am loving school and I will tell you you about that.  First of all at this school I can join a sports team starting in grade 5.  But in Winnipeg you could only join in grade 7.  I am going to join the basketball team.  I am also joining choir, jump rope club, and dance club. It will be so fun!  Also, I love hanging out with Wesley, Miranda, Holly, Emma, and Emilia at recess.  Today we told ghost stories.  My teacher is really great too. Oh yeah!  We have a student teacher named Miss Lewandowska.  The W is pronounced as a V.  She is from Poland and is really friendly and nice!  She speaks with a teeny bit of an accent.  So, I will be posting more regularly now. 
I hope.



  1. I'm still reading :) Well, I just caught up again. Sounds like your school is fun!
    Miss you,
    A. Corina

  2. I still read your blog! GO on moshi monsters i sent a few messages to u.