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Monday, September 6, 2010

Get Ready....

Pictures!  Pictures!  Pictures!  Pictures!  Pictures!  Pictures!  Pictures!  Pictures!  Pictures!  Pictures!

Here they come!

We went to lynn canyon park with our friends that visited.

This is the suspension bridge.  It was scary but fun!

An awesome stump!                       


Standing on a rock.

There were a few trees with lots of moss on them. They looked really cool!

At the end of the trail there was some small water falls in a pool of water with lots of rocks.  We took lots of pictures.

Amazing colour!

This is the view from the bridge.

This is of Twin Falls.  They call it that even though there is three waterfalls.

I hope you enjoyed it!  There will lots more pictures of things coming soon!

Till the next post, 


  1. Awesome Fantabulousness Hannah!

  2. I like your new blog background. Nice pictures too. I could look at pictures of BC all day long. So pretty! I can't wait to hear about your first day/week at your cool new school!

  3. REALLY good! I've been playing with Gabrielle and Katarina and Riley (B). We have been having so much fun!!! But miss u too. Katy and I watch the same show that is REALLY good called "Glee" and we talk about that sometimes and it feels weird not being in the same class but it's fine. The group we all play in is called "The Awesme Group" and Nathan keeps saying I have green hair (I DON'T KNOW WHY)my teachers are GREAT and I just came back from my brothers hockey pracitice and Josh P and Darian were there.

  4. FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish we had those. SCOTTERS ARE AWESOME!!!My teachers are awesome!

    How is your teacher(s)?

  5. IT's is very differnt than four s this year though. VERY!!!!

  6. Hannah, I think it's wonderful how your whole family is embracing this life in Vancouver.